Albert Eustace Short

Griffith Brewer wrote of Eustace...


“Eustace, then in his early twenties and his brother Oswald, still in his teens, composed the aeronautical firm of Short Brothers whose chief asset and guarantee for their future was a genius for excellence in workmanship and an industry and perseverance which would carry them through enormous difficulties.”


He went on to say...


“Eustace, an idealist, was bitten by the fascination of the operation of machines in the same way that he was bitten by ballooning as distinct from the manufacture of the balloons and although he took a share in the progress and organisation he left every leading role of organising and directing to the younger brother, Oswald and spent more of his time on the practical side of flying. Eustace was a fine balloonist.”

Born June 1875

at Chilton Colliery, Durham

and died at the controls

after landing his Mussel 2 aeroplane on the River Medway outside the Seaplane Works Rochester. 1932