Horace Leonard Short

The famous aviator C.F. Fairey wrote of Horace...


“I joined Messrs. Short Brothers. Here I had the privilege of working with the greatest engineer I have ever met, Horace Short, a man who can be truly described as a genius and who taught me more than I ever learned in college or elsewhere. He is a practical engineer and has made his name as an aeroplane builder and as a man in whose hands pilots were safe. His machines never failed them.”


An article in the Daily Mail newspaper describes Horace...


“A dominant brilliant fighting character who resented discipline, radiated sudden electric ideas, exploded at fools and dreamed tremendous visions.”


Of his death the Daily Mail reported...

“The human dynamo has run down.”


Born 2nd July 1872 at

Chilton Colliery, Durham

and died at Parsonage Farm, Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppey

on 6th April 1917.